I would like to give a shout out to a friend of mine who recently published a short mystery, dedicated to his complex and devoted wife, Kate.  The plot is easy to follow, well written and an enjoyable read.  Jim is an experienced author who previously wrote a non-fiction, civil war diary of a soldier and a collection of short stories entitled, “Imperfect People.”

The main character, Cathy, is a 23-year old Iowan, trying out her independence in 1957 California where she bucks the trend against her family’s wishes.  Instead of shopping for a husband after graduating from Radcliffe, she pursues a career in Fine Art working for the Hearst family.  In the process, she is involved in solving multiple mysteries and making friends.  The male author’s description of 1950’s female sexual illiteracy is humorous when read in light of the revolution the reader knows follows shortly thereafter.

The resolution is quick with a nice twist.  Enjoy!

You can find it only as an ebook on Amazon.


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