Another Fork on the Road to Publication

A few months ago you may recall, I thought I had come to the end of writing and dropped my manuscript off at a friend, a retired English teacher, for final review.  His view of my efforts plainly showed he liked what he read, and he graciously and skillfully helped me to make many needed changes. I still had some lingering concerns about whether my writing was good enough.  His guidance led me to complete my first edited draft, with great excitement. But I wondered if another pair of eyes might take me even further.

I thought my story  was interesting enough for self-publication but I was still holding out hope for a small press. So I decided to consult a professional editor. I cannot overstate the importance of a fresh look by a professional editor with many years of experience editing books who has also published her own memoir.   We met in person to get to know each other and learn whether we could actually work together. She very honestly immediately made clear to me that she could not help me find a publisher. I had not expected her to help me find one, so that was not a problem.   I was impressed by her foresight and forthrightness.

After a couple of weeks, my new editor has now given me her preliminary reactions which I am pleased to learn has provided more food for thought. As she said, the story is moving and interesting.  But, it needs some restructuring.  In my novice efforts to create an interesting structure, I have created some confusion in the story which requires some clean up. Surprising to me, the central question I was asking did not come across clearly, which will require additional development, also.

So, to my writing supporters who have been looking forward to a completed book, I must ask for your patience for a while longer. I thank you for your continued support. I am confident that  I will create a satisfying read.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading.


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