Carmela Vitale Points to Her Experience in Government and Service to the Community

Love canvassing with Carmela & John. They are so dedicated to Madison.

Madison Democratic Committee - Madison, New Jersey

When Council President and candidate for re-election, Carmela Vitale of Myrtle Avenue,, is asked why she wants to run for Madison Borough Council, she responds: “My answer is simple, I love representing the residents of this wonderful town, and I want to continue to make it an even better place to live. The next few years are going to be very exciting times for Madison, and I feel that my experience in government will help us assess and implement the new ideas we will be pursuing. I am also very pleased to be a part of one of the best, most effective Councils that I have ever been privileged to serve on. We get things done!”
Vitale continued, “I understand municipal government and how to make it work effectively to meet the needs of its residents. Before my first term, I attended Rutgers Government School and learned a great deal…

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