In the continuing learning curve about marketing in today’s environment, I have now found another tool – the bookclub. I stumbled upon it almost by accident when reading an article about how to market your book. It suggested that I begin with my own bookclub.
It takes a great deal of chutzpah I thought to ask the members of your book club to buy your book and agree to discuss it at a meeting. Before I could get up that chutzpah, another member of the club saved me the personal agony. As soon as she saw me after the publication of “Lost and Found,” she asked me, “when are we going to read your book in the bookclub?” She made it so simple and for that I was truly grateful.

Before we could even get to the book in my own club, I had the pleasure of appearing at another local group which had decided to read the book. They welcomed me with awe and respect for my accomplishment which I cannot deny was in itself a truly rewarding experience. Discussion at our bookclub was marvelous. It was lively, full of many interesting questions and diversions. I was so pleased that so many readers found different aspects of “Lost and Found” related to their own lives and that they so enjoyed reading the memoir.

So now whenever a reader comments on my book I inquire about whether they belong to a bookclub and whether their club might be interested in my coming to discuss the book. Each such experience presents new viewpoints and allows me to share the book with others.


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