About Ann

Born in war-torn Romania shortly after WWII, immigrated to Israel, fled to Canada, and moved to the US after marrying an American, all before the age of 19, I’ve lived an extraordinary life.  My family and friends have been urging me to write a memoir.  The time has come!

I attended McGill University, Rutgers University, and Wayne State University. As a mother and grandmother, former mayor of my town, and a deputy attorney general, I carried with me the enduring consequences of the choices made by my parents, my mother-in-law, and me.

After many years of honing the skills needed in writing as a lawyer, the first challenge was abandoning those skills and finding my memoir voice.  After a five year journey, I’m almost there!


2 thoughts on “About Ann

  1. Congratulations on the courage and perseverance to confront the demands of the ever-blinking cursor and to wrestle with the hopes, confusions and conflicts which entangle memory. Looking forward to the result.


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