It’s been months since I was so excited to finish my first draft but I have been bogged down in the details of publication, thus have not blogged. Ha ha. While working on my query letter and trying to finalize my proposal, I sent out my manuscript to a couple of people to review. It seemed to me that before I could start further revisions, I needed to hear back from them.

I was hoping for answers to some fundamental questions before undertaking final edits. These questions include: is the structure right – does the story move in time with a good narrative arc and rising action? Does the protagonist face and overcome obstacles that together lead to significant character change over time? Have I left any loose characters that disappear or languish? Is the plot focused? I know there are a lot of scenes. Are there too many?

The difficult one to sort through has been whether the story begins and ends  in the right place. Is there an event that starts the protagonist’s journey and entices the reader to continue? Does the beginning touch on the themes of the book? Will the readers be satisfied at the end?

Well, the process is slow and I am still waiting for feedback. Without it, I cannot continue. But I am patient.


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